Why NFT is future and not scam?

In old times canvas used to hold information, that can be an art.
In web3 NFTs hold information, that can be an art.
Anyone could copy (or order a copy) of masterpiece in old time, or make a picture and print it lastly.
But only original holds real value, not a copy.

The same with NFTs:
It is proof of originality, proof of ownership on one side and an evidence of involvement in something scare and valuable.
You can flex in socials that you own NFT, believe in collection, share it’s values and belong to the private Club.

But NFTs is not about jpegs, it’s about web3.
Firstly Web was created by companies and centralized on its servers;
Then users started creating content mostly on socials, but this content is still centralized and controlled by companies.
Web3 is decentralized and belongs to you and you can see, feel and touch your ownership.
NFTs grants this.

There could be various ways to use NFT technology in future:

  • property ownership in real world

NFTs now:

  • art (with royalty)

And of course it’s proof of ownership, so it’s a key.

NFT technology around us for a several years.

NFT industry less than two years old.

NFT mass adoption is yet to come.



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