We have launched our coNFT.app

2 min readOct 8, 2022

and we think it’s great for an MVP!

Would be nice if you check and share your feelings.

coNFT mission is the mass adoption of NFTs.
Our MVP helps get around in NFTs.
We want to save you time, don’t want you to live on Twitter or discord: NFTs is not a full-time job!

Catch on what’s going on today with NFTs — coNFT.app
We highlight the most anticipated news and top collections:
Our main page meets you with 7 highlighted collections.
Every day something great happens: new mints, announcements, partnerships, price pumps, or dumps. Whales move and activity.

Next, Curated Calendar: best raffles, premints, mints, and NFT drops.
It saves so much time: we already reviewed 98% of raffles and selected for you only 10% most promising of them.
Our Calendar is a good chance for a low-bank strategy to get whitelists and free-mint NFTs from new collections.

Our team follows only our Calendar: they won whitelists, free-mints, and made profits even on a bear market.

I hope our MVP will help you get around and choose WAGMI Collection.

What’s next?

We already cooking something interesting:

  • A great tool to select the best NFTs by price and rarity in the chosen collection. It feels good when you buy something Rare close to the floor price.
  • Price Helper tool. You can estimate the time it takes to sell your NFT based on its rarity and the price you want.
  • We already started NFT Wallet and portfolio development for our coNFT.app

Of course, we are planning something unique even in a simple portfolio feature. We would like users to flex with their NFTs, and share them with friends.