3 min readJul 4, 2022


Nowadays NFT market develops very rapidly and new collections come out every day. It is quite difficult to navigate in such a flow. Important points that will help with the selection of promising projects:

Be guided by your own taste. Many people fall for the hype and buy tokens that they would otherwise never want to keep in their collection. And when they don’t get great deals, they get disappointed. If you choose something you like, you can at least replenish your wallet with the NFT you like. The market is rapidly evolving and changing, maybe after a while, your purchase will make a profit on resale.


What you need to research:

Creator. It’s worth paying attention to who created the collection. Sometimes it’s famous individuals, sometimes it’s entire teams, and sometimes it’s anonymous. If the creator has already released popular nft, it’s more likely that the next collections will be popular, but this is not always the case. So buying something you like yourself is always relevant. But if the creator is releasing a collection for the first time — that’s not a reason to give up a mint. Move on to the next steps. At this point, it’s important to just have the information about the maker recorded.

Community. Most promising projects have communities on Twitter, Discord or Telegram. Here it is important to assess the activity of the project team, friendliness and regularity of content updates.

Project. It is necessary to understand the philosophy of the project and further plans for development. Branding of the project — this is what will keep the project attractive and in demand. Charity, industry development — these items can be counted as a plus. It is important to pay attention to the roadmap. What does the creator plan to do with the future collection? Having a plan from the developer will give you more confidence.

Where, after all, to look for projects for the first mint?

Twitter and Discord are the platforms where the information about new collections is published most often.

Twitter. This platform can be called a news platform, where most often the basic information about the project is posted, and drawings are published. By the regularity of posts and activity in the account you can partly draw conclusions about the possible popularity of the collection after its mint.

Use the right hashtags in the search. To participate in free drawings — #NFTGiveaway . Spots in the whitelist search by the tag #whitelist.

Discord. Every project that plans its active development has one. It’s a place where interested people can communicate with each other and with the creators, learn about what the project is aimed at and become part of its universe.

Also, many Discord communities have their own channels that promote NFT, where you can read advice from experienced investors and ask questions. This is a great way to get to know new projects early on.

And then there are platforms that post NFT calendars with mint schedules. For example, you can see them here and here. We also plan to add a calendar to our platform in the near future. Stay tuned!

The market around NFT is growing rapidly, with new resources appearing every day. If you know services that have not been mentioned, or can share your experience of using them — tell us about it in the comments.