coNFT & Platinum partnership
2 min readDec 2, 2022


The main goal for coNFT since the first days of operation has been the mass adoption of NFT. Our values are shared by a large number of like-minded people. For Mass Adoption to be successful, it is important to work together. This is why we are starting to cooperating with WEB-3 companies actively.

Today we want to tell you about one of our first partners, the Platinum Foundation 🥳.

Artur Bogdanov, founder of coNFT, about the partnership: “We at are happy to find new friends to build web3 together. We will share our network with Platinum Software Development to strengthen both parties.”

Cooperation in Networking will allow working productively in the direction of NFT culture development.

About Platinum Software Development

Platinum Fund is a software development company that has a decentralized team of professionals working all over the world. Platinum specializes in the DeFi sector and provides unmatched services and solutions for its clients.

Platinum can also offer enterprise IT solutions and services that enhance business processes and leverage innovative technology. They cover everything from consultancy services and strategy formulation to shaping roadmaps and continuously improving large transformational projects across diverse industries.

Through these services, Platinum provides strategic advantages for all its partners.

Platinum Fund has development centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Melbourne, and other locations across APAC and Eastern Europe.

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About с — the app that aggregates information from marketplaces and various blockchains. One-stop solution for all NFTs in all popular blockchains. coNFT mission is the mass adoption of NFTs. That’s why we are building a coNFT ecosystem:

We provide free analytics for users to make intelligent decisions about buying collections and NFTs. Among other features, we will help new users to get around in NFTs.

Social features: to watch after pro-traders, their decisions, and moves.

Our expert team chooses the best projects to mint to participate in raffles, and we share these compilations on Focus on what’s important.

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