coNFT & NFTScan partnership
2 min readDec 9, 2022

We are pleased to announce our collaboration!

About NFTScan

NFTScan provides developers and users with professional NFT asset data search and query functions, including: NFT Collection, NFT Contract, Wallet Address, NFT TxHash and other multi-dimensional data search queries. The OpenAPI platform launched by NFTScan supports the full amount of NFT data of the Ethereum、BNBChain、Polygon、Moonbeam、Arbitrum、Optimism、Solana、Avalanche、PlatON、Cronos

CoNFT and NFTScan have partnered to give users access to NFT data from 7 blockchain platforms. In order to improve efficiency and transparency, CoNFT will integrate NFTScan data and users will be able to access data from the blockchains. Thus, the collaboration between CoNFT and NFTScan will allow users to have access to everything they need to transact and search for NFT.

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About с — the app that aggregates information from marketplaces and various blockchains. One-stop solution for all NFTs in all popular blockchains. coNFT mission is the mass adoption of NFTs. That’s why we are building a coNFT ecosystem:

We provide free analytics for users to make intelligent decisions about buying collections and NFTs. Among other features, we will help new users to get around in NFTs.

Social features: to watch after pro-traders, their decisions, and moves.

Our expert team chooses the best projects to mint to participate in raffles, and we share these compilations on Focus on what’s important.

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