coNFT mission is mass adoption
1 min readOct 14, 2022

Our Pass Collection should be in line with the mass adoption idea and empower individuals.

How can we achieve it?

1. Community proposes web3 leaders & KOL, projects & brands for the Collection. Voting will open in discord soon.

2. Community creates traits and art for NFTs in the Collection.

We hope great brands, artists, and web3 projects will join us and participate in creating. Details will be released as part of our Ambassador programme soon.

3. In a limited collection there is no room for all. Community votes on who will be memorized. The first voting battle will be released soon on twitter.

Rather boring to see passes for NFT apps/tools as a single jpeg. That’s why we prepared some stories, art, canvas, templates, and traits to build a Collection together with the Community. Why cats? who knows. miaou

Would be glad to see how it evolves later on with the strength of the Community. Ideally, the Collection would memorize Web3 as it is right now.