coNFT long-term vision: NFTs mass adoption.
2 min readSep 2, 2022

-- as a service will help navigate among NFT collections and explain why some collections are worth looking for a DYOR and potential purchase (at least try).

Right now only several thousand unique wallets make an NFT purchase monthly. Out of 100 million visits monthly!

We are building a bridge from Interest in NFTs to Action by:

  • Highlighting NFTs based on data analytics.

We are preparing various reports to support researches.

  • Featuring upcoming NFT drops in Calendar.

Carefully “handpick” upcoming NFT collections for our Calendar.

More than 80% of upcoming NFT drops won’t get there. Only the best 20%.

  • Integrating various popular blockchains in one place.

There are more than 15 popular blockchains supporting NFTs

  • Personal Feed and social features

Like, follow, chat, and discuss to get personalized information from the NFT market in one place.

  • Personal Notifications.

Get a summary from the NFT market to your email, telegram, or discord. Based on your interests.

  • Price helper

A unique feature to calculate the price and time to sell NFTs.

  • Quiz

Answering a few questions will narrow the search.

Newcomers in NFT will get some help in their choice.

  • Raffle Platform

Upcoming NFT drops.

  • Customizable Dashboard for market review.

Imagine CoinMarketCap for NFTs.


-- — place where NFT magic happens.