coNFT & Beoble partnership

We are happy to introduce you to our new partner Beoble!

About Beoble

Beoble is a social module (Web-3 messenger) that works flexibly with all available Dapps. Thus, users can enjoy a stable and smooth interaction regardless of which Web 3.0 service and chain they are in.

Website | Twitter | Discord

Further implementation of Beoble functionality in coNFT will extend the functionality as well as the communication between users

About с — the app that aggregates information from marketplaces and various blockchains. One-stop solution for all NFTs in all popular blockchains. coNFT mission is the mass adoption of NFTs. That’s why we are building coNFT ecosystem:

We provide free analytics for users to make intelligent decisions about buying collections and NFTs. Among other features, we will help new users to get around in NFTs.

Social features: to watch after pro-traders, their decisions, and moves.

Chosen projects by our experts: projects to mint, to participate in raffles. Focus on what’s important.

Website | Twitter | Discord


-- — place where NFT magic happens.

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